VidPlayBlueTriangleFollower - Helper script for film scoring in Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio has a minor issue when used for film scoring with VidPlayVST. This DAW notifies playhead cursor position to plug-ins only when the transport is actually running. Therefore, when the transport is stopped, VidPlayVST is not able to respond to relocation of the playback start position (the blue triangle in arrange and edit views).

The VidPlayBlueTriangleFollower controller script makes it easy to position video at particular events for accurate placement of synchronised MIDI and audio clips. The following tutorial shows how to use this helper script.

How To Install

  1. In Settings, Locations note the path of the 'My Controller Scripts' folder. You can reset it if necessary.
  2. Unzip the download and copy file VidPlayBlueTriangleFollower.control.js to the 'My Controller Scripts' folder.
  3. In Settings, Controllers choose Add Controller and click on Generic. Vendor 'AnthonySJaques' should appear in the drop-down list. Choose it to see 'VidPlayBlueTriangleFollower' in the Product window. Click on Add to install it.
  4. The controller script can be enabled and disabled as required with the orange on/off switch.


Lots of useful information about Bitwig controller scripting here...
Jürgen Moßgraber - Developing with the Bitwig Controller API

VidPlayBlueTriangleFollower.control.js is simple javascript which can be directly edited. By default the script mutes the Master track while seeking to the blue triangle position. If you don't like that the script can be modified as noted at line 43.

Remember that the script can be switched off in Settings, Controllers when you are not working on video.