VidPlayVST Free For Linux

August 2017: I have recently finished development of a native Linux version of VidPlayVST. I would appreciate it if a few people would give it a try and report any problems to my email address shown at the bottom of this page.

The Linux distribution I use is Ubuntu 16.04, but there are many different Linux 'flavours'. If you are successfully running a DAW (digital audio workstation) in your chosen 'distro' then VidPlayVST should work ok inside that host. I have tested it myself with Ardour, Mixbus, Bitwig, Tracktion Waveform and Renoise.

System Requirements

64-bit Linux distribution
64-bit host DAW with support for Steinberg VSTi v2.4 Instrument plug-ins
MESA OpenGL 2.0 or later

Note that rendering video is a CPU intensive operation. If you are running Linux on an older machine it may not have sufficient performance to run the DAW and display the video frames fast enough. Please have a look at the FAQ page where performance issues are discussed.

Host Specific Notes and 'Gotchas'

Ardour and Mixbus - In these DAWs native Linux plug-ins are referred to as 'lxVST' or 'linuxVST'.

Tracktion - VidPlayVST will not work in the free Tracktion 5 DAW for Linux. If you want to use the plug-in with Tracktion you will have to upgrade to Waveform 8.

Bitwig and Renoise - Both these DAWs have options to run VST plug-ins inside an independent host process (Renoise calls this a 'sandbox'). This should not normally be necessary, but is an option if there are any problems of incompatibility with other plug-ins. This is also a workaround if you want to run multiple instances (see below).

Multiple Instances - The Linux version of VidPlayVST is not able to run more than one instance of the plug-in. If you load a second instance and open the plug-in window you will see an error message. In DAWs that allow multiple open sessions (called 'edits' in Waveform 8) this might be confusing. VidPlayVST in the first loaded session will work ok, but in session 2 the plug-in will show the error message.


If you like the plug-in please contribute to the development effort by buying the Windows or OSX version.


VidPlayVST for Linux is distributed as a self-extracting archive Download it and then in your desktop file manager double-click on the file name. Choose Run and enter your [sudo] password when prompted.

If you prefer, you can run it in a Terminal as follows...
cd /folder/where/you/saved/the/file
/bin/sh ./

The installer puts the plug-in shared library in folder /usr/lib/vst

The following required libraries are copied into folder /usr/share/vidplayvst

After installation, instruct your DAW to re-scan the plug-in folders.