Frequently Asked Questions

Please check that the plugin is not bypassed in your DAW. For VidPlayVST to work it must be enabled like any other VSTi instrument.

Also check the 'Cue with any C note' option. If this is set then the plugin will not start playback until a MIDI C note is received.
The audio project is probably running at 90% or more CPU usage. VidPlayVST is losing synchronisation because there is not enough CPU time available to the plugin. Check the CPU load in Task Manager/Resource Monitor (Windows) or Activity Monitor (OSX). Refer to the next question for a solution.
The best way to optimise the required resources (CPU time and memory) is to reduce the video frame size. If you halve the width and height then each frame will decode and render four times faster. This allows more CPU time for the DAW to do its main job of processing your audio project.

There are tools available online to re-encode a video down to a smaller frame size. 426*240 is the default size of the VidPlayVST window, so that would be a good minimum size to choose.

Close down all other applications (including your internet browser) and disconnect from the internet.
Open the file in VidPlayVST and click on the logo. This displays various statistics, including the video and audio codecs, and the frame size.
This happens in Cakewalk Sonar, Bitwig Studio and MOTU Digital Performer because of the way in which they implement the Steinberg VSTi plugin interface. These DAWs report the timeline location to plugins only when the transport is actually running. If you move the timeline by clicking or dragging then VidPlayVST does not know the new song position until the transport is restarted.
This happens in Acoustica Mixcraft and Zynewave Podium because of the way in which they implement the Steinberg VSTi plugin interface. In these DAWs the current sample timestamp increments constantly, regardless of the host transport status. The solution is to use the VidPlayVST 'SYNC: Follow Tempo Changes' option.
VidPlayVST supports the video and audio codecs that were licensed to FFmpeg, for decoding, as of August 2016.
Yes, but keep in mind that you also need sufficient CPU power to run the audio processing for your project. The plugin will skip frames if there is not sufficient CPU time available for it to keep synchronisation with the host.
Not at the moment. There is a workaround using a wrapper plugin such as DDMF MetapluginSynth. With this you can use VidPlayVST in a DAW such as Logic, which does not support VSTi plugins.
Not at the moment. It is under development, so please check back in a couple of months.