VidPlay VideoValidator: diagnose video playback problems

99.9% of videos will play absolutely fine in the VidPlayVST DAW plug-in. However, occasionally we come across videos which have encoding issues that affect playback, random seek and synchronisation.

VideoValidator is an FFmpeg utility app which scans a video for encoding errors. It reports issues such as invalid frame time stamps and sequence errors. It provides advice on how the video format might affect seek and sync in VidPlayVST.

VideoValidator is available for Windows, macOS and Linux

Example output for video with invalid decode time stamps (dts):
Example output for video which has only 1 key frame (I-frame, intra-frame)

Repair using VidRenderVST

Where a video plays successfully from start to finish, but has random seek/synchronisation problems, it will probably be possible to repair it using VidRenderVST. Follow the VidRender procedure and the plug-in will produce for you a new version of the video with key frames spaced correctly to do rapid seek and sync.