VidPlayVST Techie Bundle - Compilation Of Various Versions

This page is for media producers who want to incorporate video playback into their audio workflow and, perhaps, use less common tools such as Adobe Audition and Wavosaur editors or Brainspawn Forte plug-in host.

Presented here is a compilation of the various versions of VidPlayVST. It is quite a large download (77 mb) and includes the following:

  1. Versions which send the video soundtrack to output channel (input channel ignored)...
    • VidPlayVST Instrument for Windows (VidPlayVST64.dll, VidPlayVST32.dll)
    • VidPlayVST Instrument for OSX/macOS (VidPlayVST64.vst, VidPlayVST32.vst)
    • VidPlayAU Audio Unit Instrument for OSX/macOS (VidPlayAU64.component, VidPlayAU32.component)
  2. Versions which output the audio sum of the input channel plus the video soundtrack (see Adobe Audition and Wavosaur demos below)...
    • VidPlayVST Effect for Windows (VidPlayVST64-Effect.dll, VidPlayVST32-Effect.dll)
    • VidPlayAU Effect for OSX/macOS (VidPlayAU64-Effect.component)
  3. Versions which do not output any audio...
    • VidPlayVST-Audacity Effect for Windows Audacity® editor (VidPlayVST32-Audacity.dll)
    • VidPlayVST-Audacity Effect for OSX/macOS Audacity® editor (VidPlayVST32-Audacity.vst)

Example using VidPlayVST Effect in Adobe Audition

Example using VidPlayVST Effect in Wavosaur

Known problems

Audio Unit Plug-Ins: If you install both VidPlayAU64.component and VidPlayAU64-Effect.component you will find that the plug-in interface will not open. The solution is to decide to use either the Instrument version or the Effect version, and delete the other one from the /Components folder.

Steinberg Wavelab: VidplayVST will not work with this host. Wavelab does not notify transport status to plug-ins.

Japanese/Korean/Chinese characters in file names: The current versions of the plug-in do not recognise dual byte non-ANSI characters in file names. The workaraound is to rename the file using characters from a US or European keyboard ANSI character set.


VidPlayVST/VidPlayAU DEMO Versions Techie Bundle Demo versions play the first 30 seconds of any video file, and preset save/restore is disabled. BUY VidPlayVST/VidPlayAU Techie Bundle (Share-It Product ID:300790678) Price: USD 36.00 (excl sales tax) If you have any problems with delivery of your purchased product please contact Share-It Customer Care Centre: