Free Video Player Plug-In for Audacity® Audio Editor

VidPlayVST-Audacity is a video player 'Effect' plug-in for Audacity® audio editor. It uses FFmpeg, which is an Open Source library of tools for working with video and audio data in multiple formats. The plug-in is able to open and play video files in any format supported by FFmpeg.

This customised version of VidPlayVST is for Audacity® ONLY. It will not work correctly with any other digital audio workstation (DAW).


  • Loop mode may be set with loop points to cycle through a sub-section of the video.
  • The plug-in window is resizable and, optionally, the video may be viewed in a detached window or full screen.
  • The video may be viewed at its original aspect ratio or scaled to fit a chosen window size.


Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX/macOS

Downloads are available for Windows (version 7 or later) and OSX/macOS (version 10.7 or later). Each version is a single .DLL (Microsoft) or .VST (Apple) file. There is no complicated installation procedure, and no license key validation is required. Executables are in 32-bit compilation only, because Audacity® is a 32-bit application.

Steinberg VST Effect v2.4
The VST plug-in conforms to VST v2.4 and has been tested with Audacity® version 2.1.3 (Oct 2017).

Usage Notes and 'Gotchas'

System Requirements - Microsoft Windows
Windows version 7 or later is required. VidPlayVST-Audacity will not run in Windows XP or Vista.

System Requirements - Apple OSX/macOS
OSX 10.7 or later is required. VidPlayVST-Audacity will not run in OSX Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard.

A Little Knowledge Needed
Some experience of using Audacity® is needed. Specifically, you must know how to use effect plug-ins. IMPORTANT: you MUST select audio in the project window. If no audio is selected then the video will not play.

Video Soundtrack
VidPlayVST-Audacity does not play the video soundtrack. Unfortunately, I was not able to implement that feature within the Audacity® effect preview framework. An option would be to use one of the online video editors to extract the soundtrack as a .WAV file. This can then be loaded as a separate audio track, and the video will sync to it.

Video Playback
Playback always re-starts at time-zero. The left slider button can be used to set a time-zero offset.

Saving the File Name
Click on the wrapper window Apply button to save away file name and settings. These are global settings which will be restored next time the plug-in is opened.


The download .zip archive contains a file called READ-ME-Audacity-Version.TXT. The installation instructions are in that file.

For users of the Linux operating system there is a free version of VidPlayVST-Audacity available on the Linux Page.

VidPlayVST-Audacity is Free Software

If you like the plug-in and find it useful, please consider making a contribution by buying the standard Windows or OSX version.